Akash + Naincy: Capturing their Journey

They started their journey as doctors and their relationship as colleagues culminated into matrimony.

How Blue Pintale captured the beautiful odyssey of Dr. Akash and Dr. Naincy…

At Blue Pintale we wanted to capture their roller-coaster ride from doctors to a happily married couple.


From the most creative wedding card to the delectable food, it was a wedding worth capturing through our lenses.

The wedding starts off by inviting family and friends, who would have thought that a painting could be a wedding card?

The pictures on the wedding card was painted and then clicked to use the art as wedding invite. It was royally enthralling.The card had tones and tinges of red, green, yellow just like our Indian weddings.


That’s not it, the painting was later used as a wallpaper. It unquestionably made an alluring backdrop for the good-looking couple.


Before kick-starting the wedding, the pre-wedding shoot is inevitably the time which gives the couple wedding jitters for the very first time.18

The shoot was at Rajasthan, it was one of the most fun-filled shoots in the most winsome surroundings.

We believe that while we shoot, our clients have to be very comfortable and be in congenial position and not shy away. We engage ourselves in the shoot, almost as their friends and family to keep everyone around us at ease, relaxed and homely.


The D-day has arrived. The wedding took place in Rajasthan, assuredly a beguiling and prepossessing destination to be wedded at.  Indian weddings are all about the colors, family, friends and food.


The rituals and customs form a major part of the weddings. All of the moments of zest, laughter, and merrymaking are captured.




Family being one of the most essential part of weddings, we surely can’t miss them out. At Blue Pintale we bring everyone together for the pictures, make them have a perfect jollification, closely fitting into the wedding scenario.


Bridesmaid, uncles and aunts; everyone are brought together for bringing out the exuberance and ebullience of the wedding.

Weddings are all about the various hues that you get to see, and that’s what we wanted to bring out through our photography. It’s not just the ladies with colors, but the men too. The radiant turbans are eye-catching and alluring.

Capturing the happy moments to look back with a smile is our main motive.

Behind the Camera: Disha Khurma and Yash Tomar

Author: Harsha Sheelam

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