Weddings : Incomplete without Elders

DSC_0928May your life together be as a pebble dropped in a pond — an example of love and unity spread outward to your family, your friends and to the wider circle of the world.

Blessings of elders hold a lot of meaning in life, they are very significant, especially to the newly married couple. At Blue Pintale we capture the happiness the couple shares with their family.

Its a blessing to have a loving family, and its an honor to have people who love and respect you. It’s a beautiful emotion and, below is how we capture it.

Each wrinkle on their face recites a story of a decade, the stories involve friends and family. Nothing would be worth more than having them grace the wedding day adding a wrinkle on the cheek as they smile.

At Blue Pintale we notice the essence of family and choose to bring out that aspect as much as possible. We engage the couple’s brothers, sisters, parents, brother-in-laws, sister-in-laws, friends and the list is incessant at Indian weddings.

In Indian culture the Blessing of Marriage is the conclusion to the wedding ceremony. At Blue Pintale we believe that your wedding day is one that seems to fly, its a day filled with emotions, friends, family and dances.  Many people remember how fleeting their own wedding day was, so we take a moment on the camera to register the feeling in your heart and on your mind.


A dream you dream together, that is reality”

-John Lennon

Behind the Camera: Disha Khurma and Yash Tomar

Author: Harsha Sheelam

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