Capturing their bundle of Joy

Before Neev ventures out into the world with his little footsteps, we captured his innocence. His beaming smile, which redefines wonder, hope and dreams for his family.

We photograph when the baby is in his comfortable space. We always encourage fathers and siblings to participate in the photoshoot. It keeps the baby happy and cheerful. Neev and his sister are brought into the picture in their toon gowns. Adding a fun and vibrant element between the brother and sister duo.


We try to accomodate as much variety in our pictures as possible. A change of setting, clothes, props, and the whole caboodle is taken into consideration.


We also encourage if the baby’s favorite toy, blanket is along with him. We try to engage him in activities he loves to do.

Baby Neev seems more than happy while swaying on the swing. He prefers holding on to his box and pencils while making adorable faces which help us capture memories.

DSC_5477 (2)3

We include the parents in our pictures. The bond between the child and the parents is so alluring, those are the minute part of reality which we focus on in our pictures.


The mother and the son share a special relationship. Through the years we’ve always seen our father/brother/husband and all other male personalities dressed up as a girl! It could seem like it is every mother’s whim to see her son dressed up as a girl in his childhood pictures. The pictures are worth a laugh in the future.

We did the same with baby Neev. We made sure that Neev and his family had a happy moment to share when he sits with his family at the family’s hideout looking at pictures taken during his photoshoot, 10-years down the lane.


All these pictures are priceless for the parents as they capture their child’s face in the most elated form. At Blue Pintale, we ensure that we are not just capturing the moment for ¬†looking back on the day after, but we focus on capturing the moment for looking back on 10 years later.


Behind the Camera: Disha Khurma and Yash Tomar

Author : Harsha Sheelam

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