Fashion Photohraphy with Blue Pintale

At Blue Pintale we follow the suit..

“I like to photograph anyone before they know what their best angles are.”

-Ellen Von Unwerth

The essence of our work drives our imagination and helps us to execute new themes, styles, and appeal.



The people we hire to model for the fashion catalogs of our clients are hand-picked by us after a careful profiling of their past en devours. We choose the models on the basis of their versatility and viability.

We create a set which has the right aesthetics to match our theme for the shoot. At Bluepintale we align all the alternatives together to get one perfect picture. The alternatives used range from cultural backgrounds, props, real effects, lighting, decor, styling and expressions.

We try to evoke a sense of wonder to our clients as well as our audience. We establish dream-like images which have the details of glamour and beauty. With every picture we try to gain the attention of our audience. The questions we keep running at the back of our mind begin at, How can this get better? What else can we do? Is this attractive enough? What is the missing element? and end at our perfect results.

We don’t stop at just clicking perfect pictures, the process continues further with styling our models. The catalog pictures aren’t complete with accessorizing the clothing of the model to keep the pictures in vogue. Therefore, we manage to receive up to the minute results for our clients which are modish and chic.

Behind the Camera: Disha Khurma and Yash Tomar.

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