Wedding Photography with Blue Pintale

Indian weddings are the definition to ethnic roots of culture. They are of the most vibrant form bringing all the colors to dance in gala, and not to forget the wedding brigade.

Indian weddings are special for more than one reason. It brings together family and friends and that forms the essence of our photography. The wedding is a great celebration between two families, and the joy they experience on this day. We capture these little moments so that they can be looked back on even 10 years ahead.

The big fat Indian weddings give us a view of all the emotions that the families experience, and we try to capture every memory to preserve it forever. We hold each witness of all the wedding ceremonies.


We tell a story through our pictures from meeting and courtship to wedlock. We frame the beautiful odyssey of the couple and include their loved ones too.

We undertake the pre-wedding shoot. It’s the time when the couple face the reality of their big day approaching soon. The pre-wedding shoot gives them their first wedding jitters and that’s what we focus through our lens.

Indian weddings are all about the family, friends, colors and the food. Family is the most essential part of the weddings and we try not to miss them out in our pictures. We at Blue Pintale bring in the wedding brigade and make them have a jolly good time to fit the wedding scenario.

At the weddings we get to see many old-couples. The love keeps brimming when you meet them, and we never fail to capture that. They bring out the exuberance of the wedding.

The wedding day seems to fly for the two families, but we capture emotions for eternity.


Behind the Camera: Disha Khurma and Yash Tomar

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