Stepping up to Fashion with Kalanjali

“I like to photograph anyone before they know what their best angles are.”

-Ellen Von Unwerth, has an distinctively erotic style of photography, and clicked for Vogue.

For many photographers there is something which drives their imagery for the essence of their work. The work is fun when the model is versatile with her actions and expressions. At Blue Pintale we hand-pick our models.

We at Blue Pintale strive to create aesthetics which have a universal genre and cultural backgrounds. You can look at the photographs through the eye of the photographers. Fashion pictures look amazing when captured at the right angle with the appropriate lighting techniques.

We try to measure, explain to the world and document the work finitely.At Blue Pintale we try to evoke a sense of wonder through which the imagination of both the viewer and photographer may flourish.

Everyone loves dream-like images which are glamorous and beautiful. We create cinematic images to draw the attention of our spectators.


We aim to enthrall and mesmerize everyone through our images. After the shoot with Kalanjali we prepared the catalog for our clients of the fashion shoot which can be viewed on our Facebook Page Blue Pintale, or click the link to Facebook on our Home Page.

View more pictures of our work with Kalanjali in our gallery.

Behind the Camera : Yash Tomar and Disha Khurma

Author : Harsha Sheelam

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